Saturday, December 10, 2016

An Update On Hannah's Open Heart Surgery

I wanted to update everyone about Hannah’s open heart surgery. We were forced to reschedule her procedure because Hannah was required to have some dental work completed before she could be cleared to have her surgery. Now that we have accomplished the dental work (bother extractions and fillings) we were able to reschedule her open heart surgery for December 22nd.

The surgery itself will take a few (two to four) hours. Then Hannah will be in the Intensive Care Unit for one to two days, and her total hospital stay will be four to five days. Hannah will spend most of her Christmas break at the hospital and recovering at home. She will be able to return to school within two to four weeks after her surgery, but she will have activity restrictions including not being able to lift more than five pounds for six to eight months after her surgery. Her complete recovery could take up to one full year for her to be 100% back to her normal self.

Thank you (so much) to everyone; for your generous donations, your emotional support, and most of all your prayers.

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